Tour Italy (3)

Genova – Porto Fino – Torino – Milano – Verona – Padua - Venecia

- 1970 01 01
Day 1

Access noon to Genvoa - sightseeing and historic center, maritime area, old harbor, city cathedral, staying in Genova.


Day 2

Genova’s visit: The Aquarium which is considered among Europe's largest Aquariums, shopping time.

Then go by sea to Porto Veneto - visit - staying in Genova.

Day 3

Visit Turin: Landmarks, Historic Center, Cathedral, Christ's Ark, Squares, Shopping, staying in Turin.


Day 4

Milan’s Visit: City Features, Palace, Al Duome, Grand Arena, Gallerie Royale, Shopping, Pajamas in Milan.


Day 5

Verona’s visit: Romeo and Juliet City Features, Historic Center, Signoria Square, and Place de la Erbe, Juliette House, Shopping. Visit of the Shrine of Saint Anthony of Padua, Basilica, Shrine, Monastery, Staying in Padua.


Day 6

Venice’s visit: Landmarks, Historic Center, Basilica of St. Mark, Mausoleum, Grand Plaza, Neighborhoods, Bridges, Ponte Relato, Shopping, Back to Lebanon.



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