Tour Italy (4)

Vatican – Rome – Cascia – Assisi – Padua - Venice

- 1970 01 01
Day 1

Arrivals at Padua - Visit of Saint Anthony's Tomb of the Paduan: Basilica, Shrine, Monastery, Shopping - Staying in Padua.


Day 2

Venice’s visit: Landmarks, Historic Center, Basilica of St. Mark, Mausoleum, Grand Plaza, Interiors, Bridges, Ponte Relato, Shopping - Staying in Padua.


Day 3

Assisi's Visit: City Features, St. Francis' Shrine, Upper Basilica, Basilica Core, Monastery, Basilica and St. Clara's Mausoleum, Prayer and Shopping Time, Pajamas in Kashia.

Day 4

Cascia’s visit: The city's monuments, the tomb of St. Rita, the Basilica, the monastery where she lived, the Vine, the sacramental sacrament, the sacraments of his Beatitude Simon Vedati and the Blessed Maria Teresa Fasci, a time of prayer and shopping. Go to Rome, visit Fontana di Trevi - Staying in Rome.

Day 5

Rome’s visit: Basilica of St. John the Latteran, Holy Staircase, Basilica of the Cross (where the relics of the crucifixion of Christ), Great Basilica of the Virgin, Tomb of St. Matthew the Apostle, Piazza Navona, Staying in Rome.


Day 6

Visit to Rome: Basilica, St. Paul's Apostle's Basilica, Basilica and St. Peter's Tomb, St. John Paul II and John XXIII, Papal Tombs, Grand Plaza, Shopping and Back to Lebanon.



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